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    Could anyone please explain, if Posiedon management is that bad and underperforming in their decision making why are there so many financial institution, entrepreneurs, investors ,etc in it. The bottom line here is that we are all in it to make money. We all make mistakes going forward at times that is ok, so long as the general intension and strategies are good for all stake holders at the end. Throwing stones and Sh!t##^g on each other in the process is not good idea. There is an old saying “careless talk costs lives” in this causing our own misfortune. By the way I am just a simple investor trying to make ends meet and provide a better standard of living for my family. What I am trying to say here is that I am not an analyst of any sort, geologist, miner, entrepreneur, influential person, stockbroker or have any connections with our management. Just be kind and respectful to each other. Things will happen and come good for all of us. On this note I would like to leave everyone alike with a saying that goes like this.

    “In climbing the ladder of fame,
    May your feet never slip as you go,
    But when safe at the top,
    May you always be game,
    To help those who struggle below.”

    Have a good weekend what is left of it to all of you guys. GIDDY- UP POSIEDON LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD.
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