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Time to go

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    Hi all, long time no post. Anyway not much has changed over the last year or so, other than my investment in cdu is worth less than ever, and of course I am not happy about that. Actually there are quite a lot that im not happy about in cdu land but everything else in my life is rolling along ok so you cant win them all. See that is it in a nutshell for a lot of us with cdu, we actually have other stuff going on that's ok, and cdu has become a bit of a sit and hope. Sure I could have got out when others advised me of doing so and I would be better off, but who knows what I would have done with the money? I could have bought a boat, car another investment property and may ibe been better or worse off. But I have to admit it has not been fun in cdu for a long while and I can only hope for better days ahead. Maybe if I get something out of it in the future the money will be more important to me even if lessor amount.

    Anyway just wanted some feedback from all as to what your thoughts were with wayne preparing to leave cdu for good?
    Interesting I guess who would take over the position?
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