BRZ brazin limited

time to buy?????

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    Been watching BRZ lately, very interesting. It Seemed to have consolidated around the $0.70 mark. The last few days however have seen it go as low as $0.63.

    As at today, BRZ's figures were as follows.
    (as per the Westpac Broking Int site)

    Mkt Cap $74.5 million
    Div Yield 21.09%
    NTA $0.65

    At it's close of $0.64 today it seems to be cheap. It's priced just below it's NTA and although it's facing tough competitiion at the moment from discount outlets it is still seems to be managing healthy revenue. I don't know how many other companies out there would have revenue figures 4 or 5 times their Market Cap.

    This stock could also be an attractive take over target at current levels. One company that comes to mind is Harvey Norman.

    I couldn't see this stock getting back to + $2 in a great hurry, but I do think there is definate value in it's current price, with minimal downside risk. I will be watching it keenly over the next few days.

    I would be interested to hear peoples thought's.

    I do not currently hold BRZ.


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