I think what you are reading is simply the current fad. When I...

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    I think what you are reading is simply the current fad. When I travelled to Europe with a certain person there was a list of restrictions. No Amsterdam even though it’s an interesting place with an interesting history. I wasn’t allowed to head straight for France so had to manage it by staying in the triborders area (well actually did travel through the Ardennes area but not allowed to stop there either - start safely with Germany - (clean and orderly) and venture to France for lunch and little drives. Eventually allowed to go further afield. But no stopping in places like colmar even if it is actually cute and historic. Everywhere was like a nightmare to navigate. It depended on whether he liked it or not. Outside Brussels nearly resulted in being packed up to go back to australia. Like picking your way through a minefield. Bruges - complained about the hotel even though it was on the best small hotels lost

    same was the case in st Petersburg. Found so much to not like. Griped about the hotel. Said the people were threatening.

    Wasn’t allowed hear Italy. No England or Wales despite its beauty. Germany ok - but not the alps because it was smoggy the day we visited. Had a hissy fit in blauberin - a very cute village. Couldn’t go to sone of the most beautiful spots Lake Constance - too grumpy after the alps to even contemplate. the only way of surviving was too agree with his view of the world.

    australia is fine. It’s as easy to enjoy living here as anywhere else. It’s not the country and it’s not the people. It’s the attitude you take with you. There is pleasure to be found anywhere. There are nice people anywhere you look. There are beautiful places in pretty much any country. And even if it’s not easy on the eye it’s interesting

    the French have a long history of socialism and if they weren’t slap bang in Europe I’d guess they would struggle. They aren’t always easy to please and not everything is done well. They have a racist underbelly. But it’s beautiful and charming most of the time.

    australia has a very particular set of challenges. A large land mass, a comparatively small population, long distances between cities, a comparatively small habitable area, a long way from major trading partners - to bake those that come easily to mind. While a tech future might seem a good idea we are still compromised by geography and investment in tech infrastructure is expensive. Australians don’t like to spend money on these things so we get the garbage that is nbn. Everything in australia is complicated by the hot potatoes that exist between states and with the federal system.

    I agree that it would need a massive rethink to change the direction we’ve headed. But maybe this will force it on us. It’s not anywhere near as bad as some would suggest. You can’t find happiness when you don’t look. You can’t find peace when you criticise everything. You can find good when you look for bad. You can’t see the contribution others make when you are looking for excuses yourself. The world, the country and your happiness are a reflection of what you put in.

    there a reason people from Europe and other countries like coming here. It’s not because it’s a basket case.

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