I think it's time for everyone to pay more attention to labels...

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    I think it's time for everyone to pay more attention to labels now when they are buying stuff - everything from food to fishing rods. If you were treated with disrespect and then threatened by any entity you would hardly have anything to do with that entity ever again albeit directly or indirectly.

    I hear on the grapevine that there is a movement that is already getting this message out there.

    So time to get on the phone to companies and let them know that you will not be buying their products as long it is manufactured in the PRC.

    I rang three companies yesterday and expressed my decision to not buy their products anymore if it continues to use the PRC as a manufacturing base. Surprisingly I got a good response and in fact one company had already started the process of diversifying their supply chain in reaction to how the country was being treated. It was the topic de jour in the tea room. Their are options out there, you just need to be proactive.

    Today I bought something in Bunnings, a plastic jerrycan made in Australia which was cheaper, believe it or not, than the one built in the PRC. Despite the decision today by Wesfarmers to rebrand Target stores Wesfarmers needs to encourage it's suppliers to seek other manufacturing bases, preferably in Oz, and cut the source of supply from the PRC into shops like Bunnings and KMart by at least 50% or more. It will take some time but it will happen as companies respond to consumers who need to be more discerning and vote with their feet.

    Do your bit for Australia and get on the blower to any company that sources their supplies from China and encourage your family and friends to do the same. That includes large holding companies like Wesfarmers. This will achieve two things it will send a message and it will force diversity in manufacturing and hopefully some of that will come back to Australia. Hopefully this sentiment will spread globally.

    We as consumers need to send a loud and clear message that we will not be threatened and we have the means to make our feelings known.

    Please support the cause.

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