Time to ban Calrisian

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    When will Hotcopper ban Calrisian? Insult after insult for the past several months. Seems to me that Hotcopper is protecting this guy?

    This is Calrisians profile on Hotcopper:

    User Name: Calrisian
    Member Since: 25/10/2001
    Occupation: Sophist
    Investment Style: Technical
    Favorite Stocks: anything heading for de-listing
    Favorite Link: www.freemason.org
    Favorite Quote: "GP is paranoid and schitzophrenic" - Posted By:GreenPastures on 30/01/2002 5:00:38 PM
    when not practicising religious discrimination, I enjoy collecting quotes. Some of my favourites are by a poster by the name of Greenpastures. Here is a sample from www.InvestorWeb.com.au

    I qualified for mensa at 7 years of age#
    Posted By:GreenPastures on 30/01/2002 1:32:13 PM

    If gay men (a minority) have rights, I also have rights to mention christian values#
    Posted By:GreenPastures on 30/01/2002 6:15:34 PM

    It is known how corrupt some full service brokers are. And if I be banned for expressing my views (after working within the industry), then investors shall make up their own mind as to why#
    Posted By:GreenPastures on 30/01/2002 4:07:49 PM

    it amazes me how many brokers are on this forum#
    Posted By:GreenPastures on 30/01/2002 3:36:54 PM

    I have worked for stockbrokers, I know the game#
    Posted By:GreenPastures on 24/01/2002 4:20:00 PM

    credibility I hold, its c
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