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Time has just started for EDE

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    Hi all EDE holders.

    I think the 'TIME HAS JUST STARTED FOR EDE' The product is in its infancy.

    Briefly EDE:- (for goodness sake DYOR ----- stuff the negative nellies)
    -produces its own MWCNT at a cost management knows and I consider that case closed. Are they dumb enough to produce and sell, for future
    production - at below cost ????
    -its getting support from a State Government by means of land ! - infrastructure ! in excess of $20m - over a period. Does the period matter? One
    would consider any Coy's management to be 'over the moon ' to get support - boost- etc like that !
    -Its product could have a huge demand in the the US of A where that country's infrastructure is in dire need of repair and some replacement
    -has shown -not from it's own research- but independent sources... positive results - and I mean POSITIVE- Oh and bye the way support from
    University research and their research and processes. Shown 'openly' over a number of days its product has been tested and results are
    positive.. and its on going.
    -I have not seen a 'failure at this stage ' 'or questionable result' ....Has anyone else ? (apart from those that may not hold the stock so search for
    negatives!!! Possibly to get the price lower!!!!)

    How about anyone that has ' positive comments ' towards this Coy and its product adding to the list, which could go on for some time.

    Also --- not sure of others but IMHO the current thread has had its day/month etc

    Also where else could EDE use the product. I have not seen much discussion re the great result obtained from the product's ability to restrict fluid

    Keep up the good work EDE'ers

    Keep safe also.

    The Phantom
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