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Question for consideration:I was considering future activities...

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    Question for consideration:
    I was considering future activities that A2MC could make and have a question for all you knowledgeable investors who understand the mechanics of the various markets and how A2 is currently listed (ATM on the NZX, A2M on the Australia market and ACOPF which is traded as an OTC in the US). What would the advantages and disadvantages be if A2MC convert ACOPF from an OTC to a listed stock on either the NYSE or Nasdaq? I hold ACOPF and am curious what people who understand the markets think.

    A couple thoughts from my pea-brain:
    -As A2MC increases market spend in the US, wouldn't it be perceived as advantageous to have the stock listed on an exchange instead of OTC? Would A2 be perceived as a more "legitimate"?
    -Are there tax or reporting obligations that would not be to A2's advantage to list on an exchange?
    -If the stock is converted to an exchange, how would current shareholders convert to stock? Would they have to sell and repurchase? Would it be a direct conversion?
    -What are the costs to list on the NYSE or Nasdaq? Is this the best use of the bankroll the A2 currently has?
    -Would there be a greater degree of visibility required for financial reporting that would not be to A2's best advantage right now as the company is in significant growth mode?

    I found this article for a little background info

    Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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