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    Zwu, Alpha has started a new thread and supplied some information you asked for.

    If you go back and read your own post of 20/6/02 you'll see you wrote "no data says TIM's p/e is anywhere near 3 or 2. So all "TIM's p/e of 3" and "TIM's p/e of 2" are again proved to be pure rumours on this board."

    Thus, I was trying to point out it wasn't me who had made any such claims about TIM, but I had in the past said some things like that about GTP, as had others more recently. The PE of 1.2 from "Shares" magazine was simply historical evidence to help deal with the "rumours" claims you had made about the numbers people were quoting relating to PE's etc. For my part, I had long tried to use a more accurate figure from other sources, including GTP itself.

    You said some time back you couldn't ring GTP during the day to check on things, so I had suggested you could email them to check up on anything you like as it didn't matter what the hour and the PR people from each of the companies have been helpful in my experience. All I'm suggesting to anyone is that if something doesn't seem right, the companies involved are a good place to check.

    Good luck with your investments and additions to your research armoury.
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