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    re: plain tone ... yogi Hi Yogi,

    you are way to kind to this 'person. A quick check will how each of these posts by plain tone are person attacks on me and are getting very boring.

    For the record I agree with you about the 51c base as the following post from a month ago shows and have been a buyer at 52 and 53c

    Also for the record, TIM was trading at 58c when I made this post.

    Subject TIM - re: Great sector in current market ( 1 reads - 0 replies )
    Posted 22/10/02 11:33
    Member AlphaCenturian

    Settle down guys.

    TIM is a good stock, has had a great run. But its looking a little toppy I think and will probably consolidate around 51/52 before heading up again. GTP is, I suspect about to take off again appearing to have eaten through an overhang of stock at 57/58.

    None of this in itself means one stock is better than the other but each of us has come to the conclusion that listed forestry is a pretty good sector to be in atm.

    The fact we differ on individual stocks is fine and a matter for us each to then back (or not) with our own funds.

    Personally I think they will both perform OK in the long run and who is right or wrong will be shown in our personal bank accounts.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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