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tightest SOI goldie on ASX

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    At an extremely rare 40 million circa SOI the award goes to TMR

    Only a few hands are willing to sell their shares just before this gets rerated
    This week an updated JORC coming out with 250,000+ oz, which they say will get to 1million+ oz
    Already a processing plant in place with all the trimmings valued in 2010 at $80m Canadian
    That is already $2 per share in value
    They have two very high quality gold projects both neighbouring major gold mines with the Blackdome - Elizabeth (Canada) acquisition being a historic high grade producer , the other in Equador with tenements neighboring an elephant deposit

    Thanks to well researched gizard and J8 for these following contributions -

    google aurelian resources and 2006
    theres lots of articles and im sure you will find the drill core and the fact the stock was a 130 bagger in 7 months
    the deposit stops to the west ( 600 m away from tmr) due to a fault.

    this is the greatest elephant hunt ive ever seen on the asx
    fruta del norte starts at 250 m deep on lundin side, centre of 10m ounces is 800 m from TMR boundary

    the western side of the current 10 m ounces deposit is diplaced 600 m from TMR boundary, sheared down

    independent geologist says based on TSX company drilling 8 years ago the fnd source rocks are displaced down 500m on tmr side, see todays news release by TMR

    so TMR gunna drill 900 m deep holes in search of the west extension to the greatest gold discovery of the last few decades
    190 m at 24 g/t gold is 800 m away on lundin/newcrest side

    read the tsx company sona resources preso and 2010 report that the mill is profitable at 900 ounce gold at 1:1 us/canada gold price.

    10m ounces of gold at 10 g/t is 700 m away, $ 1 b mine is commissioned
    the original discovery sent a TSX listed spec 130 bags up from 30 c to 40 dollars

    the greatest gold discovery of the last 2 decades and tmr going to drill for the extension in 2020

    TMR - EV is $7m, with $3m cash


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