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    WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN ...... DAN ALWAYS WANTED Lock 4 on his resume, he has to take credit for the deaths he has caused as well.

    secondary effects of this clowns incompetence ......not limited to ...........

    1500 to 3000 suicides per annum estimated for the next three years

    over 40,000 non presenting cancer patients not commencing critical life saving care ........


    WHat did this clown do whilst we were in lockdown 1 ..... WFT. STAND ON PODUIM DICTATING

    all vic breakouts can be traced back to DA mates Hotel saga.

    they should have been developing and implementing strategies throughout L 1. Clearly they have done nothing in the space ...... AND NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THIS TIME AGAIN. ALL FOR NOTHING

    this clown should have been developing strategy’s along the lines of...........

    develop and ensure best practices around hospitals ...... access and egress ...... not rocket science screen all staff and visitors when entering....... limit for traffic. THIS STILL ISNT STANDARDISED ACROSS VIC HOSPITALS WTF

    develop and ensure best practice around nursing homes, same as hospitals

    implement appropriate safety practices around hotels quarantine

    THIS CLOWN IS LOCKING US INTO 4 and will not own anything or develop any strategies in this critical space WTF


    luckily for us it isn’t the killer all has been told, because with DA incompetence if it was 50% of us would be dead by now

    the numbers apparently...... WITH NO STRANSPARENCY are 500~600 per day for the past 10 days....... how many are dying ....... SERIOUSLY THIS IS A Dan made mandemic. GROUP THINK AT ITS BEST

    WHEN WILL THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT COME ————- its a common cold virus

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