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Tide about to turn before the storm

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    Alot of talk about past failure here for NSL but let me say the past is just that the past. We are looking at a severe shortage of iron ore for steelmakers in India and NSL is in the right place at the right time. The company yes has failed with some of their approaches in the past like pretty much every spec small end company on the ASX in their attempts to drive a business model. I have seen so many small ASX companies who have had dog status next to their name finally deliver and in turn deliver huge profits for long suffering shareholders or those who0 may have realised that a company is about to turn around from the ashes. I believe NSL is 1 of those that is about to turn from the ashes from past failures in a place that they are in which is perfect for the boom that is about to take place in India.

    NSL have stated they are in offtake discussions and we now see they took part in a delegation that included them and the likes of some massive companies and names like NMDC, Coal India, JSW Ltd, Rio Tinto, Toro Energy and not to mention Gina Rinehart. So NSL a 5 mill market cap company was mixing it with and in speakings with these parties including also Indian Minister of Mines and Steel about all things the Indian resources industry and opening it to foreign investment. So NSL are already there and are well ahead of any party wanting in. This story is 1 i am really taking a liking to and am looking to increase my holding after picking up a nice amount of oppies at .002 from our big seller happy to get rid of them not so long ago.

    We have formed a nice new base at .007 and i expect a move over 1c soon as more and more realise the potential multibagger here from a low end market cap of 5 mill. The Indian growth boom is upon us and i have taken positions in both NSL and ESI 2 companies i believe are about to take India by storm in coming months. I expect NSL's exposure at both the delegation as well as steel conference to have opened many doors and opportunities for this little company to advance and generate some serious sales and off takes. We could see a massive turnaround story here with significant upside as opportunities open up.
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