UMC 0.00% $1.30 united minerals corporation nl

thx for the memories

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    ..... for what its worth from a THX standpoint..

    On the face of things, UMC is a minnow amoung two giants at the gate ( BHP / RIO ). From a legal standpoint regarding the railway access for UMC product, I would have thought, that forcing UMC to build a basically parrallel railway nxt to the majors is the very reason for alarm for the majors as this is basically stifling any competion for the little guy, and in a court, this seems to me to negate every principle the ACC tries to stamp out, let alone the basic human right of giving everyone a fair go. That may sound a bit goeey for some, but I dare say FMG could use UMC's position as a proxy test case for themselves (re railways) and they would be cheering UMC with a frenzy. Better still, they take over UMC, force the courts hand with extra leverage, and the genie is out of the box and almost everyone a winner.
    Just thoughts from a keen supported from the stands
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