XJO 0.14% 6,691.2 s&p/asx 200

SPI Futures trades in a 34 point range last night, with a high...

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    SPI Futures trades in a 34 point range last night, with a high of 6256, low of 6222 and a close this morning of 6253, up 14 points of volume of 12,696 contracts. Based on that range, my pivot point and R and S levels are below. Three gaps from last night, down at 6244, 6242 and 6225. Opening gap from before still there, some of it filled, but no cigar and there are others, but I won't bore you with the list as it's a fairly long one. Wall street ran out of puff in the last 30 minutes of trade, with DOW up .01 pct, SNP down .16 pct and Canada (resource driven) up .24 pct. VIX up .41 pct. For long term traders, I would keep an eye on the daily XJO chart as if we don't have a nice green daily bar soon, the red arrow will form and end the nice 600 odd point run up from the last green one. Have a nice day.


    XJO daily

    Today in 1958, "Vertigo", American film noir psychological thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak was released. Vertigo is also a song by Irish rock band U2, and is the opening track on their eleventh studio album from 2004 entitled "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" Humm. Nice title. Kind of like the market at the moment. Tick, tick, tick, boom. Feels like a time bomb and also seems a wee bit off balance, kind of like she has Vertigo. Go Vertical, that's the way to go...


    Column 1 Column 2
    0 H 6256
    1 L 6222
    2 C 6253
    3 R 34
    4 R6 6278
    5 R5 6269
    6 R4 6265
    7 R3 6261
    8 R2 6257
    9 R1 6252
    10 PP 6244
    11 S1 6235
    12 S2 6231
    13 S3 6227
    14 S4 6223
    15 S5 6218
    16 S6 6210
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