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    Thundelarra are looking very good at the current price of 24 – 25 cents. Why?
    Putting aside their promising Nickel, Platinum and gold prospects I am basing my opinion on THX’s Phillips Range diamond prospect.
    The recent announcement by Gravity Capital (“Gcap”) that they have discovered another Kimberlite south of the three recent kimberlite discoveries found by BHP in 2001 is in it self a significant announcement lost on the depressed investors in the speculative side of the market.
    I get the distinct impression that Brokers and some members of the public have written off the Phillips Range diamond prospect. I believe they have grossly underestimated the potential.
    In reflection this idea probably started during 2001 when BHP and Billerton merged. This caused some restructuring within that group and not much was done on their JV with THX in the 2002 exploration year. Upon the completion of the JV with “GCap” they hurriedly put some holes down.
    The drilling results from the Persphone pipe in itself were very promising, with an estimated 12 cpht’s from the small core samples. When you compare this with the recent announcements by Kimberly diamonds that they are going to mine down to 5 cpht's you would start to get excited about THX’s chances. It is widely known that bulk sampling normally improves the grade as the bigger diamonds are found scattered throughout the pipe. Striker have proven this when moving to bulk sample their pipes. The micro diamond and indicator mineral content of THX Persphone pipe were exceptional.
    I feel the public have also missed the importance of “Gcap” and BHPB partnership into the diamond joint venture with Thundelarra. You will now see an advanced exploration program next year with “GCap” to fly the rest of the claim area in a more comprehensive Falcon ™ survey and in their words “ It is anticipated that this will yield a fresh set of Kimberlite targets for field testing in the 2003 field season.” They will also bulk sample the new pipes and drill the remaining targets.
    They have also reported two of the five remaining "High priority" anomalies proved to be inaccessible during this last drilling program a couple of months ago. This forced them to drill the low priority target now named “Niobe”.
    This new kimberlite discovery has highlighted the capabilities of the Falcon™ airborne gravity gradiometer system in locating kimberlites that have eluded prior exploration. Now other targets delineated by the 2001 Falcon survey, but as yet unresolved will be reassessed in light of the current discovery. ( In other words, previous low priority targets could also be kimberlites)
    SO : Opportunity knocks. You may wish to consider some THX for your super fund especially if they report the “Niobe” Pipe carries diamonds. That will then mean all five pipes found so far contain diamonds. The probability that other new discoveries having diamonds is realistic.
    Watch both the "THX" and "GRN" announcements as if true to form GCap, their code being "GRN" reports first.
    To clarify any decision to take a position in THX, remember you only need one good pipe for this company to be in the big league. THX are in a unique farm-in agreement with BHPB/GCap , they retain a 40% interest and do not have to contribute any further funds up to a full bank feasibility on a proven discovery.

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