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three phosphate properties

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    Three properties:

    Highland Plains: 84mt at 13.4% at 10% cutoff P2P5
    Lily and Sherrin Creeks: 366mt at 15.7%
    Quita Creek: 54mt at 17.3%

    Lily and Sherrin Creeks is about 100km from Mt Isa, and Quita Creek, about 150km. Highland Plains 200km.

    Also Quita Creek is about 80km from IPL's Duchess Phosphate Hill Mine and facility

    Farm out 80% to Legend International, and return 20% to decision to mine.

    While MLX's 2% P2O5 has stirred the market today(different mineral), GCR is still in deep sleep with deposits that is so close to Mt Isa, where plenty of acids are.

    GCR could follow IPL's path, to produce fertilizer instead of selling phosphate rocks.

    It reminds me of MAK has been 20c just a couple of months ago, suddenly, everyone want a piece of action...

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