Three Murdered by Extremist

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    Three young Muslims in the US have been shot execution style in the head by an extremist atheist.

    Moderate atheist groups have failed to come out in mass condemnation of the killings.

    Mainstream news coverage - non existent.

    Now all the serious people who actually like to engage in a healthy debate, how different would this situation have been if one Muslim killed 3 people.

    Hicks' profile on Facebook reads "Atheists for Equality" and he frequently posted quotes critical of religion. Three weeks ago, he posted a photo of a .38-caliber revolver that he said was loaded and belonged to him.

    "Yes, that is 1 pound 5.1 ounces for my loaded 38 revolver, its holster, and five extra rounds in a speedloader," the entry said.

    It's scary to think that these people could be living next door to you. We need more action from our leaders to stop this before they destroy our way of life.
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