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Three important things to look forward to and keep in mind

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    Other than the obvious being for the deal to be formalised, with a value of approx. 30c/share (now trading at 3.8c)...

    1.) Next few days, we should see a "new" or updated "existing" shareholder notice (WE HAVE TRADED SOME 510 MILLION SHARES !!! over the last 2 1/2 days, which represents approx. 80% of the shares on issue) - which will hopefully give some clues and confidence if someone is taking a position that this deal is looking better than 50/50...

    2.) Investor Roadshow - to be scheduled in the next few weeks I believe, which will increase DML's profile in the insto/broker community and the large volume buying to follow thereafter

    3.) who are these other interested alternative parties who have requested DD information from DML and who is to say, that Cupric don't make another play and try to better this current $110 million deal.

    Saw the same thing happen with Billabong when it looked dead for all money with dangerously high debt levels and then once a deal was confirmed, they all came from everywhere to make a bid, which also required the involvement of the shareholder's association to deem the 1st offer being too low - it was on for young and old with Oaktree Centrebridge finally winning and I should know as I was holding in that 12c - 71c range back in mid 2013)

    yes different companies and different industries, but similiar principles when it came to bidding for the business or its assets...

    Buyers to Sellers mkt depth looking a lot better than yesterday afternoon when it was 1:2 ratio.
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