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Three High Grade Copper Mines 100% Owned and Fully Permitted: MNE Ramping Up Production Right Now

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    Three High Grade Copper Mines 100% Owned and Fully Permitted: MNE Ramping Up Production Right Now

    Tiny Metallum (ASX:MNE) is producing and selling high grade copper ore right now in Chile’s Atacama IOCG Province.
    The first deliveries of 620 tonnes of material have been recently delivered from the San Sebastian mine with an average grade of 4.77% Cu reported from the first 420 tonnes processed by the plant.
    That’s worth over $USD200 per tonne.
    But to truly gain an appreciation of just how ‘high grade’ this material is, one particular truck load, carrying 20 tonnes of copper, gold and silver, was worth USD$1,360 per tonne…
    These first deliveries are a taste of things to come – there is a whole lot more copper on the way…
    The company has just secured 100% ownership of the San Sebastian mine and is getting ready to move it into full-scale production.
    The first deliveries of material came from stockpiles produced by installing access shafts into the main high grade vein at San Sebastian – but stopes are being installed right now into the high grade vein, and the number of trucks driving back and forth from the mine to the processing plant will soon multiply.
    Plus, a new high-grade vein has been uncovered near San Sebastian, a mining permit has been granted for MNE’s Paraguay mine, and sophisticated investors, bullish on MNE’s long term potential, have stumped up cash to get MNE over the line and into self funded production and exploration.
    MNE’s long-term goal is to self-fund an extensive exploration campaign on the El Roble Project – yet to be explored comprehensively using modern techniques. Ultimately MNE is also planning to build its own plant, which would slash processing costs.
    A “company making” discovery is entirely possible given the calibre of the immediate surrounding region – the three largest mines in the world class Atacama IOCG province alone produce 440 kt of copper every year – not including the countless small-scale miners in the region who are generating profits from copper in the area.
    Some of these much bigger discoveries first emerged via smaller copper vein systems – exactly what MNE is uncovering at El Roble…
    2015 looks set to be the year MNE brings its carefully laid plans in Chile to fruition and we’re looking forward to hopefully watching our investment in MNE grow…
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