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    Joke Of The Day
    Three couples, one newlywed, one married for 17 years, and one very elderly couple go into a church and ask the Minister to join his congregation. They are all told the same response, that they must pass a test of faith to be welcome in his church. The test is that they must refrain from sex for 30 days, and to come back and see him then. 30 days goes by, and the elderly couple come in. "Well, how did it go?" asks the Minister. "We haven't had sex in 30 years, sir" " Well then, your are welcome in my church" replies the Minister. The many years married couple come in, and replied that it was a bit edgy around the 20 day mark, but managed to abstain from sex as a test of faith. The Minister replied "Congratulations, you are welcome in our church". Later that day, the newlywed couple show up. "How did it go", asked the Minister. "Well, we quite managed to not have sex for 18 days, as we really wanted to join this church, sir, but the 19th day, she was bending over the freezer, picking up an icecream, wearing this little black miniskirt, and, well, I just couldn't help it, I gave it to her , right then and there." "Well, I'm sorry, then , you still haven' t passed the test of faith, so you are not yet welcome in our church". replies the Minister. "OH NO", says the man, "We aren't welcome in the grocery store anymore either."
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