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    Thoughts / actions for the week.

    Noticed Gold very solid in a conservative way.
    Last couple of days USD giving away ground to other currencies. Maybe currencies adjusting to further interest rate cuts in US.
    Also noticed our bell weather goldie LHG for once did not respond to above movements.
    Topped up on BSG and was considering LHGWMM this afternoon but chickened out on warrant, maybe next week. RBK also takes my fancy and am hoping to jump into CRS on weakness. (Missed it this time around was waiting for 65c)

    Dilution also on my mind alot and how it limits investment opportunities in startups.
    Couple of very promising startup's out there but massive dilution to get them through to commercialisation confuses entry strategy.
    EIF a good example with announcement mid week.

    Stock back on radar is MAY but have to get my head around Medicare Private before considering installment.
    BBG ,RESMED and PWT also back on watchlist. 1st 2 am watching closely but PWT will not buy until more transparency re cash flow going foward.

    At the moment pretty much cash except for couple of gold small caps and couple of resource speccy's.
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