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    OK boys and girls, please remember I am not accountant and am happy for anyone to add constructive numbers and correct any and all mistakes.

    AVO 280 million shares

    DIO 91.58 million shares

    I have not included any options.

    AVOs offer for DIO is for each DIO share they will receive 0.325 AVO share and 0.625 in cash.

    0.325 * 91580000 = 29763500 more AVO shares

    0.625 * 91580000 = 59000000 cash payout to DIO shareholders

    Total AVO shares after T/O = 309763500 ( not including options )

    Taking $1-70 SP ( my guess discounted from current trading prices )

    AVO Market CAP = 526 million probable 4 moz resorce

    Where does this put IGR?

    750 million shares or so on issue.

    They key for us will be finding more gold. I think we have a lot of good results that will be released over the next few months. The commodity is the key, if we can get our resource up significantly our SP will be fine.

    Happy holidays

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