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Thoughts on Banda?

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    Would like to hear from the knowledgable HDR posters what they are thinking about trading strategy and money management leading up to the Banda well.

    Seems to me that it could be all a bit like last year. Initial success at Chinguetti (+/- production test result anxiously awaited) gives the price a bit of kick, but could "half a billion barrel" Banda be the make-or-break event that Courbine was? If we get a good Chinguetti production test result and the stock climbs further, is it prudent to take profits (especially if the hype leading into Banda grows) with the idea that you can always buy back in after a Banda success and not give up too much on the gap? And after a failure (which probably doesn't mean too much for the LONG TERM value of HDR, just as Courbine didn't) you might get a pretty cheap re-entry if you have the cash to take advantage of it.

    I have a sense that the risks are (once again) not evenly poised here; say the price is somewhere in the 80 - 100 range going into Banda - does anyone think it will IMMEDIATELY jump to $1.50 if Banda hits? Much more likely there will be stock to be picked up at $1, $1.10, $1.20 from last year's "stale bulls" just happy to get out without loss after being underwater for over a year. But if there's hype hype hype then a dry hole surely there's every chance we'll be back in the 60's or lower pretty damn quick.

    Thoughts please
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