those bustards at channel nine

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    Anybody here get conned into watching Mark Philapousis late into the night at Wimbledon on Channel Nine last night thinking they were watching it live?
    Well, as you know by know the broadcast was delayed by an hour or more? If you did what I did, you found out and went to bed much earlier. It's not even as if it was a couple of nobodys' but it was Australia's best player left in the tournament.

    Channel Nine makes a habit of doing this, particularly at Wimbledon, and cons its viewers, never mentioning the broadcast is delayed. If they can't take the sport and its viewers seriously they should step aside and let a better managed channel take over the broadcast. They are losing enough viewers to competitors as it is without shooting themselves in the foot; or perhaps it is because that is what they continue to do.

    Just imagine if Perry Kracker was allowed to buy Fairfax, we would get the Sydney Morning Herald two days late and the Weekend Edition would appear on Wednesday. As for the Fin Review it would be so late the dividends announced column would appear after the dividends were paid.

    Crud, crud and more crud Channel Nine, time to close the station down.

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