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    I came across an interesting article from earlier this year (January 2020) regarding an unlisted investment that I think the market hasn't fully appreciated or priced in to TEK just yet.


    "Banxa, an established provider of fiat gateway infrastructure to major digital asset exchanges such as Binance, has reportedly secured $2 million via a Series A investment round."

    "The funding round was led by NGC Ventures, one of the most active investors in the crypto-asset and blockchain industry. Australia-based family office Thorney Investment Group also took part in the round."

    Alex and Thorney are way ahead of the curve here. TEK have the foresight to recognise that Bitcoin is emerging as a new asset class, and will become a very important aspect of modern portfolio theory in the years to come. How do you get exposure to this nascent space as an investment company? One way is by investing in fiat gateways and crypto-asset exchanges, as they have done here.

    For a global asset, the current Bitcoin market cap of 160 billion USD is very small. By way of example, the total value of US 100 dollar bills and the total value of Euro 100 dollar notes is about 2.5 trillion. You have to consider the size of the potential economy that Bitcoin might serve in the future - which is undoubtedly global in scope.

    People think gold is the only store of value out there. But people also use fancy artwork, real estate, cars and collectibles to store value - that's a ~280 trillion USD market for the primary purpose of parking money. If Bitcoin ends up being just 1% of the global store of value market, that's potentially $150,000 per coin.

    US billionaire Paul Tudor Jones - largely considered one of the best macroeconomic traders ever - has also come out in the last few days and admitted that we are witnessing the birth of a new asset class, and that he has even allocated 2% of his assets to Bitcoin.


    Both Thorney and Paul Tudor Jones are adapting their investment strategy at a time when we are witnessing the most unprecedented and unorthodox economic policies in human history. Alex and Paul will be laughing all the way to the bank 5 years from now - whilst other investment vehicles who completely ignore this space will be consigned to the annals of financial history.

    Finally, as further evidence of the changing times - JP Morgan just revealed their plans to move into this space as well:


    Follow the smart money.
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