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this will be the week

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    Well guys, this will be the week in which we see if LKO will be a success or failure. The ann could come as early as today or as late a Friday. But I would say that it would be this week.

    In the last post, I commented that the Geo's were collating the data that has been collected from W4. If they worked on the weekend, I would say that we would hear something today. If not....Tuesday/Wednesday.

    I still think that the ann will be positive and I would say that this ann will contain flow data/oil data etc. The last announcements have been a bit tardy in the area.

    My view will be that W2 and W4 will be combined to flow a commercial rate which would be a good win. Hey...I could be wrong though.

    So hold on to ya goolies and hope that W4 is a good one. We all need a boost for Xmas.

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