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    It is my understanding that in about 18 months time, IDAL will receive a lisc fee from CANON INC of about $75 mill.
    Let’s do some math here, PSIRON (psx) owns 45% of IDAL at the moment which will equate to $33,750,000 pa.
    This is the interesting part; biotech companies often have a price of 15 to 20 times their earnings. At $33.75 mill, the value of PSIRON (psx) could be $506 to $675 million.
    So with a current market capitalisation of $30,000,000 the shares in PSIRON (psx) could be $2.50 each. I am not suggesting the share price will go to $2.50.
    I am suggesting that a contract with CANON, that includes worldwide royalties on a product that has enormous benefits to all sorts of people IS a fairly big contract.
    You need to sit back and think about the product, it’s various uses all over the world, and more importantly the contract, and the company that has signed it.
    please do your own research before investing..
    this is my opinion only and I hold shares..

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