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    09/01/2002 US SAR Patent Issued

    US SAR Patent Issued
    Document date: Wed 09 Jan 2002
    Published: Wed 09 Jan 2002 20:08:29
    Document No: 208978
    Document part: A
    Market Flag: N
    Classification: Other


    HOMEX - Perth

    Leading technology commercialisation company QPSX Ltd (ASX:QPX) today
    announced that the US Patent covering its Segmentation and Reassembly
    ("SAR") technology has been issued. The formal issue of the patent
    follows QPSX's ASX announcement on the 31st May 2001 of the Notice of
    Allowance from the US Patent office. The patent covers intellectual
    property utilised in core telecoms switching infrastructure and will
    run retrospectively from 1991 through to 2008.

    "Now that the patent has issued, the door to the world's biggest
    technology market is wide open," Graham Griffiths, QPSX Chief
    Executive Officer said.

    "The US is home to many world leaders in the manufacture and sale of
    Asynchronous Transfer Mode ("ATM") switching equipment, which
    utilises the QPSX technology," he added.

    QPSX had previously been granted SAR patents for the United Kingdom
    and Germany (which represent 10% of the world market) and for Canada
    (30%). The US patent provides QPSX with access to an additional 50%
    of the global market for ATM technology.

    Today's milestone comes after QPSX launched its global licensing
    program in April 2001, taking initial action in Europe to enforce the
    company's SAR patents. At that time, QPSX Europe GmbH filed a DM125
    million (A$115 million) writ in Germany against Siemens and Deutsche
    Telekom for infringement of its European SAR patent. The formal
    complaint and defence have been lodged and the District Court
    hearing, (originally set for January 17th, 2002), will now be held on
    the 14th March, 2002, to allow the defendants more time to respond to
    QPSX submissions.

    The action is a part of an overall licensing program launched by QPSX,
    targeting negotiations with leading European ATM manufacturers. In
    July 2001, the company announced the first SAR licensing deal, with
    European telecommunications giant Ericsson. The agreement specified a
    royalty hearing License for QPSX's ATM technology, including the SAR
    patent, and is expected to deliver QPSX substantial royalties.

    Mr Griffiths said QPSX would now look at combining its SAR licensing
    activity in the US and Canada, and planning was already underway for
    the launch of a North American program.

    QPSX was the first Australian company to have its patented technology
    accepted as an International Telecommunications Standard. QPSX was
    formed in 1987 to develop and commercialise cell switch technology
    invented at the University of Western Australia. The technology
    formed the basis of the International Standard (IEEE 802.6) for
    Metropolitan Area Networks ("MAN"). The company invested over $29
    million in the technology and SAR has become a fundamental component
    of global broadband telecommunications including ATM networking

    QPSX's focus is the profitable commercialisation of a range of
    technologies on a global basis. QPSX works with research institutions
    and companies across Asia Pacific to capture value in such
    technologies. This value is realised by QPSX and its licensees and
    commercial partners through products that shape the future within
    their global markets.

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