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this "test" person is a real nuisance

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    Just found this on another thread and thought it wise to post it. Appears our "test" as he calls himself is not the "ramp police" that he makes out and is in fact a very naive downramper that puts good stocks down. This post is from another poster who felt strongly about his comments on LUM. For gods sake its been one of the best stocks on the market!!!

    Subject re: how to spot a ramper, check it out
    Posted 21/09/03 23:23 - 245 reads
    Posted by tezjm
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    Test (what sort of handle is that?),

    You might have a bit more credibility if you actually supplied some sort of evidence that someone is a ramper. I don't think it's fair to assume that multiple posts about a particular stock on this or any other forum is evidence of ramping. It could be evidence of rampant enthusiasm. In this case that's what I believe it is. I am of course assuming that "ramping" is the cynical praising of a stock in order to "con" others in to believing a stock is a worthwhile investment so the "ramper" can sell the stock in question at a much higher price than would have otherwise been possible. Personally I think it's ridiculous to think this stock has relied on people talking it up on forums. The price history of this stock pretty much corresponds to the achievements of the company in establishing a new product in the worldwide advertising market. The price has reacted to announcements made by the company and not to posts in this forum or others. Though I don't doubt the posts have drawn attention to the company. But if you look at the millions of shares that have been traded in last 3 months I doubt they have all been HCers buying. Now assuming that the motive behind these posts was to ramp the stock can you tell me logically when the time for the "ramper" would be to get out. Shouldn't this/these ramper(s) have gotten out at a big profit at 40c, 50c, 60c, 70c? I believe the people pushing this stock are genuine investors who are holding because they expect much bigger things to come. Not liars trying to suck us poor ignorant gullible schnooks in to rob us of our hard earned.


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