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    I have been quietly accumulating this stock for almost a year now based on Colin Ikin taking control of the company.

    I have invested in every company Colin was involved with over the past 10 yrs or so - Preston, Taipan, Central Bore, even GMA Resources on the AIM - & made money on all of them. One thing about Colin - if you are patient, you will always get a very good run for your money. Also, you always have a chance to get out even if at the end of the day things on a fundamental basis may not pan out as expected.

    NCO has 62.8m shares on issue with 36.4m of those escrowed for about another 9 months, leaving 26.4m free trading shares. The top 20 shareholders control about 82% of the stock according to the last annual report. Consequently, this stock is as tight as a drum.

    What has prompted this post though, is that over the last couple of weeks there seems to be a bit more interest in the stock. OK, I know there is almost no turnover but suddenly there seems to be more buying around & at higher levels than before. During the recent shakeout in world markets no buying was canceled & the stock was solid as a rock.

    Back in August '09 with the report of the uranium deal, the stock jumped to 36c. Once the due diligence didn't check out, the stock fell back as was to be expected. In the last quarterly, the company referred to new projects being assessed under confidentiality.

    I'm sure Colin wouldn't want a repeat of the August/September deal, & any due diligence would logically be completed before any deal is concluded this time. Also, it looks like the company will need to raise money shortly & I'm sure Colin would prefer to do it at higher rather than lower levels.

    Putting all the above mentioned points together, it wouldn't surprise me if a deal isn't far away. When a deal is announced, I expect it to be:
    1. Big
    2. Not pending due diligence
    3. Very price sensitive given the tightness of the stock & the tiny free float.

    I don't know when this is going to happen, but when it does, believe me, you'll want to be on board. Technically, I can see a quick move to the 60c level. Of course, depending on the size of the deal, the technicals really aren't worth much.

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