this spec could go ballistic!!!!!!!!!!

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    News just out for Chapmans (CHP). Agreements with Telstra, Optus, Orange and 3 as well as the NRL and AAP. Market cap only $3 million- this stock could go ballistic soon!!! Go to and have a look for yourselves!!!

    "Chapmans Limited is pleased to announce that it has acquired a 25% interest in Gambit Holdings Pty
    Ltd for a consideration of $500,000 consisting of cash and shares issued at five (5) cents per share.
    Gambit Holdings Pty Ltd supplies content, applications and services to Mobile Telecommunications
    Carriers and Mobile Phone users. Gambit Holdings Pty Ltd delivers services in Australia through
    Sydney based wholly owned subsidiary, Gambit Group Pty Ltd.
    The Australian operations have received a significant increase in revenue over the past year as the
    local market embraces the launch of higher speed mobile data networks. Gambit Group offers
    services over I-Mode, 3G, GPRS, WAP, and enhanced SMS networks through agreements with
    Telstra, Optus, Orange and 3. The company also has agreements with the NRL and AAP.
    Gambit Holdings Pty Ltd has established subsidiary companies in South Africa, United Kingdom and
    the United States of America, and negotiations are underway to launch the Australian based services
    across local networks in each country.
    Chapmans holds an option to increase its shareholding to 35% subject to certain conditions being
    complied with in the next 12 months.
    Further information is available on or by contacting:-
    Mr Jerri Biti Mr Dan Lanskey
    Managing Director OR Chapmans Limited
    Gambit Holdings Pty Ltd 02 9233 6022 or 0408 885018
    02 92416630"
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