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    .....The problem for the gold and silver markets is that these markets remain far too small to absorb any significant influx of funds without driving the price of precious metals and precious metal equities higher. The annual market for silver is only around $2.5 billion and for gold it is around $25 billion. The market cap of all the world’s gold and silver mining equities is less than $100 billion. In contrast to these small figures the world equity markets are around $25 trillion and world bond markets are over $40 trillion. Over $2 trillion trades each day in the currency markets. Put simply, the paper market dwarf’s the bullion markets and there is simply no way that the bullion and precious equities market are capable of absorbing even a fraction of this money without prices heading to the moon. There is an ocean of paper money flowing through the financial system and only a cup of gold and silver. There is nowhere for prices to go but to the moon. ...

    That's a short extract from Financial Sense Online's Market Wrap-Up for today.

    You could do worse than to read the whole article at http://www.financialsense.com/Market/wrapup.htm

    And, by the way, were you aware that Australia apparently leads the way in printing money? This table appears in the same article

    Money supply % change on year ago

    Australia 13.2%
    Britain 7.4%
    Canada 5.7%
    Denmark 9.1%
    Japan 1.5%
    Sweden 6.0%
    Switzerland 9.8%
    United States 6.0%
    Euro area 8.0%


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