this one really surprised me

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    Well what do you know? Someone actually though about refugees other than Palestinians..........

    About bloody time.

    Jul. 2, 2003
    UK to address issue of Jewish refugees from Arab lands

    British officials have promised to make "every effort" to highlight the cause of Jewish refugees from Arab countries within the European Union.

    The pledge followed the presentation of a report by members of the Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) to Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons and Lord Michael Levy, Prime Minister Tony Blair's personal envoy to the Middle East.

    The JJAC report, entitled "The Middle East's Forgotten Jewish Refugees," notes that just 8,000 Jews now live in Arab countries, down from 900,000 in 1947.

    It is seeking international recognition of the "de facto population exchange" of Jews and Palestinians, which "refutes the Arab claim for a 'physical' right of return." The report points out that "while everyone knows about the 'plight' of the Palestinians, few know about these Jews, who were "refugees no less than their Palestinian counterparts."

    After the meeting at the House of Lords on Monday, human rights lawyer and Canadian legislator Irwin Cotler said the European Union "must take the lead in holding Arab governments responsible." He noted that "both Palestinian refugees and former Jewish refugees are victims of the Arab war against Israel."

    The report, based in part on recently released UN documents, .....(gives us real comfort, hey...recently released, my arse. The bloody UN knew about it all along......damn House of lies........Snooker)pointed to collusion by Arab governments against their Jewish populations, which Cotler described as "ethnic cleansing and criminal conspiracy."

    Executive director Stanley Urman said the JJAC "will not allow this issue to be treated with lip service. We will plead the case for rights and redress in every hall of government in Europe."

    "The issue of rights and redress for Jews displaced from Arab countries must be placed on the international political and juridical agenda as a matter of law and equity," he said.

    The JJAC is demanding "recognition of the legitimate rights of the Jews from Arab countries and restitution of their private and collective claims for the loss of life and invaluable spiritual and material assets, including communal and private property that was expropriated or abandoned by Jews forced to leave those countries."

    "At a conference on Jewish refugees from Arab countries, organized this past Sunday in London by the World Jewish Congress, speakers contrasted the integration of the Jewish refugees in Israel with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's refusal to resettle Palestinian refugees.

    Carole Basri, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania law who presented a study on Iraq's persecution and expulsion of its Jewish population following Israel's establishment, said that the measures were "orchestrated and carried out by the state," and that they constituted "ethnic cleansing under international law."

    A new WJC report, "UNRWA, Terror, and the Refugee Conundrum: Perpetuating the Misery," written by the organization's secretary-general Avi Beker, as well as Basri's study, will be presented this week to the White House, Congress, the British Parliament, and the EU Parliament, said Beker.

    Melissa Radler contributed to this report
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