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this never happens!

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    Or should I say never used to happen? Apex released an announcement yesterday prior to the market opening that basically said, not only is everything hap'n as expected but we might be goin' a touch better than previously thought. Then the market opened and the share price went to 27c. The sp has fallen for the last two days by 16.6%. Amazing, but then again this is probably par for the course at the moment.

    But when life gives you lemons....... you make lemonade right. So I've been goin' like a one legged man in an ass kick'n comp these last two days and I bought more shares all the way down to 22.5c.

    The AGM is on next Monday. Maybe Mark Ashley should announce Apex is struggling. The sp might go up with speculation that he and his follow directors are up to something.

    Anyway I've done MOR and I'm thinking Apex is alright. Just blow'n the throth off one now to celebrate some marvellous buys today.

    Cheers to the AXM'ers. Position:Ship Loads.
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