this mornings election figures...

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    With most of the vote now counted the three major parties Lib, Lab, Nat and the Greens have all increased their vote, particularly the Libs.

    The minor parties have generally been decimated and the Democrats and One Nation can no longer be regarded as serious players in Australian politics.
    Interestingly it appears that most voters who deserted the minors returned to the majors and did not switch to the Greens as the Green vote was not up by anything like the amount many people expected in the circumstances of a Democrat collapse.

    It also looks like the Coalition will control the Senate by a majority of one. If this is the case then it will be very interesting to see if they pass all the legislation which the Senate previously rejected.
    In particular they now have the opportunity to bring in the GST they originally intended not the watered down version the Democrats forced on them. Originally it was 10% on everything and huge cuts to personal income tax. IMO they should do it and raise the tax free thresh-hold from $6,000 to $30,000 which would eliminate income tax for low/middle income earners.

    Dave R.

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