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this may be impacting the price.

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    This may be what has created interest in the stock recently and any news on this front will see it go a lot higher than this.

    "Do You Want A Top Up With That?" - Virgin Mobile On the Menu @ McDonalds

    March 14, 2003 - Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile has announced its pre-paid customers can now recharge while enjoying a burger at select Sydney metropolitan McDonalds Restaurants, in the first Australian trial of pre-paid top ups in a quick service restaurant.

    Over 100 McDonalds' stores across Sydney metropolitan areas now have recharge points for Virgin Mobile and all customers need to do is pop over to the Charge n Go machines that are installed inside the stores.

    To help promote top ups in store McDonalds are offering Virgin Mobile customers' more than "fries with that". The top up receipt has attached to it a voucher for a free medium coke.

    Guy Maine, Virgin Mobile's Sales Director, stated, "We're focused on finding ways to make it even more convenient, for our pre-paid customers, to top up their phones. This rollout is great news for our customers because McDonald's is so accessible and a place that millions of Aussies with mobiles visit each week."

    The Charge n Go machines are being installed by Gecko Charge n Go. Rachael Cronin, Gecko Charge n Go's General Manager, stated, "We're very excited to be the company that's bringing this trial to life. It's fantastic to bring together two such strong consumer focused brands, which are always striving to deliver their customers better service and more value".

    The trial will run until June 30, 2003 at which time a full evaluation will determine if this program will be extended and rolled out to all 720 McDonalds outlets.

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