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this may be a real game changer ..

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    This Article may induce all World govts. to change over to adult stem cell research... Ethical and religious issues resolved ..... This may be massive for MSB .. V

    Stem Cell From Human Tissue Equal To Embryonic Stem Cell

    Posted by Claire Shefchik on September 13, 2011 2:13 PM

    A stem cell derived from a human embryo and a stem cell derived from adult tissue are virtually identical, a University of Wisconsin study found.

    Lead researcher Joshua Coon, an associate professor of chemistry and biomolecular chemistry, told Medical News Today, "In...four embryonic stem cells and four IPS (Induced pluripotent) cells, the proteins turned out to be 99 percent similar. We looked at RNA, at proteins and at structures on the proteins that help regulate their activity and saw substantial similarity between the two stem-cell types."

    Both types of stem cells have the ability to transform into any cell in the body and provide potential for cell and tissue replacement therapy for a wide variety of diseases, including diabetes, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries.

    Induced pluripotent cells (IPS), since they are derived from the patient's own cells, they don't risk immune rejection, or carry the controversial aspect of cells derived from human embryos. However, until recently, scientists weren't sure they had equal traits.

    Coon's team used mass spectrometry to analyze 6,000 different proteins in IPS cells, which had been reprogrammed to behave like embryonic cells.

    “We applied very cutting-edge proteomic technologies to look at all the proteins or a very large percentage of them (in both types of cells) and we compared many cell lines, and what we found was that the protein levels are very similar in the two cell types,” he told the Wisconsin State Journal."
    Cheers VIN

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