this market does not longer concern me

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    Bad bad bad bad bad

    Do sharetrading, buy sell shares and make the $$$, do all this "Intelligent work",analyse volumes, look in charts, moving averages, high, lows... It has come to that there is no more any logic in the market, and nothings for green. Red all over the place, every day negative news, concern for these, concern for that.... just to justify the red movement.
    A no name finanzperson stands in front of TV camera... China is slowing down,factories slowing down, same profit like last quater but below expectations, economy staggering, high profit expectations not comming,price target cut for...effect others in the sector etc. etc. etc. and comment's like this make the decisions for the market.
    Pesimism has taken over. For such news is the search from the money boys, to pick it and to highlighted. And if there was a green... is it sustainable bec. of concern for these and concern for that.
    Right now the colour Green gets totally destroyed.
    And what a great invention it was "Globalisation"
    Now since WW2 finish in 1945 there has been wide to long peacetime in the western countries and this so free market capitalist moneysystem is not serving the human society for it needs at all.
    Manufactured goods from China or Asia getting cheaper and cheaper -smaller profit margain, less GST tax..... how they will pay off any debt or serve debt payments ???
    I switch off from the market totally and I refuse to tiptoe quietly through life only to arrive safely at death bec. of concern for these or that... My concern only is for me to have peace in my mind and this peace comes from within.
    My money will serve my life, for the time left beeing on this planet...enjoy this gift called life.
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