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this is your captain speaking...

  1. 95 Posts. captain I refer to Captain Albers the one who's been steering this ship for a very long time to get here. I just posted this on MEO thread as it is equally relevant here:

    That's right time to keep a close eye on the OXX thread MEO'rs. It lists on the 21st (tommoro) if all goes to plan. This is your creator Geoff Alber's (founder of MEO/CUE/MOG) new vehicle which has significant share holdings of CUE and MOG ect and is partly a listed fund in a way as a result but they have many tennements ect as well.

    But who am I kidding. That's about all you need to know about the fundamentals. More importantly this is the latest pump and dump opportunity. At least I'm being honest. I did clear 180 percent on MOG the other week, and being an IPO this could get the punters even more excited if it builds momemtum.

    On a less short term note I believe this is bullish for MEO/MOG/CUE holders as it now truly seems to me Albers has several companies listed this month now so he can have as much exposure to the share-market rather than private companies IMO right now because of MEO's pending Artemis deal with a super major, or just major...likely Woodside given Pluto proximity.

    Seriously why else would he be listing all these companies right now if MEO weren't about to lock in a partner and set A DRILLING DATE WHICH IS WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN LONGING FOR HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry got a bit carried away there. N E way I think once he lists this company, there will be no more obstacles to MEO signing off on a partner assuming he has been an obstacle. He was the founder of all these companies after all, so he may hold more power with Jurgen et al then we know in their dealings with Artemis and their farm-out negotiations hence his flurry of activity @ present.

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