..this is worth absolutely nothing! ..

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    Can't say you weren't warned, eh.

    I'm quite amazed and despair at the energy, the anger, the vitriol and the feeling that is wasted on this forum attacking some other unknown person who posts - or attacking those who support him, or his cause, or anything associated with his cause, or anything that is different from what is acceptable to 'them'.

    I draw no sides in this. I read it all - the substance, the froth, the rubbish,the occassional truth.

    I take no side. I simply despair at the waste of emotion that might, in another field, possibly do great good - for those who really are in need.

    There is one - on either side of this 'argument' - that I believe has value. Were they to meet, in another place and just alone, I believe they would find they have a lot in common.

    They both have intellect, understanding, a persuasive power of address and a belief in .... whatever it is for each of them.

    I really do appreciate the inputs of both Fullguy and Snooker.

    I wish all the others who ride with them had their understanding and intellect.

    But, like I said at the start, this is worth absolutely nothing.

    Except to me, eh.

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