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this is why i think it will go higher

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    Billy is on the ball. SLT will probably retrace a tad today after its huge gains and volume over the last couple of days trading. But for those not already on the SLT train it should be treated as a buying opportunity, cause there's no way that this little critter isn't going over a buck.

    Why? Because the only info available yet is all the info about their hepatitis test kits. There's been no announcements yet about manufacturers, distributors, unit sales and projected profits. I've been ranting and raving about this for ages. This biomed is market ready unlike a miriad of others which are purely speculating they may have the molecular structure etc that will be a cold, cancer, whatever cure.

    What happens when the big drug companies, if they're not already debating its value, start bidding for manufacturing rights. Has anybody thought about the huge American companies that might be bidding for distribution rights. If these test kits are as good as they say and a world first, the news the company has already released is enough to ensure it is a company maker.

    No longer will SLT be a speculative stock. It will become a successful biomed and depending on the smarts of the directors etc in a few months as these inevitable announcements roll out and distribution and manufacturing companies scramble for their share of the action, we'll be sitting back saying 50c was dirt cheap.

    And remember there could very well be more intellectual properties in the pipeline from SLT.

    See you later and remember Mistybay disappeared into a cloud of sparrows.

    Cloud of sparrows
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