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    Eastland Medical Systems Ltd is an Australian-based company that provides a comprehensive range of affordable injection, infusion and blood drawing devices designed to protect HealthCare workers from needlestick injury and create a safer workplace environment. These devices were conceived in response to the dangers of needlestick injuries sustained by HealthCare workers.

    Such injuries can transmit a range of serious blood-borne diseases including HIV-AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis. The cost of treatment and compensation payments to victims and their families is of major concern to the medical profession and their insurers. Eastland's devices, with retractable needles, are designed with practical clinical needs in mind and offer greater safety and efficiency at an affordable cost.

    Competitive Advantages

    Over the last few years, the risk of HealthCare workers contracting HIV-AIDS and other serious diseases from needlestick injuries has prompted a number of medical device manufacturers to focus attention on safer syringes and related products. Other so-called "safe" syringes have been developed, however many have been less acceptable than Eastland's products in affordability, safety and practicality in a clinical setting.

    Eastland's technology involves the ability to retract and lock the needle within the device after use to render it non-reusable and safe. Each device is controlled by fingertip action away from the contaminated sharp. Eastland's devices offer some important advantages over other so-called "safe" syringes including:

    True retractable injection needles
    Many so-called "safe" syringes do not have truly safe retractable injection needles for one simple reason: Eastland's patented concepts were among the first to be registered.

    Practical, efficient patient management
    All Eastland devices offer ease of use for medical staff and patients in a clinical setting without a high level of training.

    A range including blood drawing and cannula devices
    In addition to syringes for administering drugs and vaccinations, the Eastland range includes a device for obtaining blood samples and a cannula for the delivery of intravenous fluids.

    Affordable cost
    The market for safe syringes and related medical products is cost-sensitive because of the high volume of product consumed in a hospital setting. Eastland's range of safety medical devices is affordably priced to overcome buyer resistance based on cost.
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