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OK so according to comsec today MOG Market cap = $29 mill / .36...

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    OK so according to comsec today MOG Market cap = $29 mill / .36 cents = 80mill shares on issue. + 120mill dilution in one yr for Artemis = 120 + 80 = 200 mill shares x .36 cents = $72 mill market cap current (post dilution) I see dilution as a bit like paying tax ie that will be their market cap in one yr. Right now it's $29 mill.

    To be conservative though I'll talk post dilution and say @ a dollar a share we're talking market cap of $200mill (80mill$ pre dilution). So market should continue to assign value and re-rating of this stock up to CUE/MEO levels near there over next day or two.

    MOG got a write up in AFR p 51 apparently and SMH. PLEASE POST ON THIS THREAD if you have those as I'd love to see the word getting out to the mainstream investors and not just us on HC.

    @ 80 cents x 200mil shares post dilute = $160mill market cap ($20 mill less than CUE who has SAME SIZED STAKE IN ARTEMIS)

    So my two day target is 80c to a dollar depending how bullish the market gets on the rerate.

    This stock has some serious catching up to do and is still very undervalued.

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