this is unbeleivable

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    I volunteer my time managing a non profit commnity playcafe for kids, and we go through heaps of 100'and thousands on sandwiches.
    I buy the 800gram containers cost about $8.50 each. I had 1 left and purchased 3 more yesterday. On the top of them there was a sticker (including the one I had previously) for a competition with masterfoods.
    Under each sticker is a unique code, which you can go online and register the code to see if you have won an instant prize.
    there are a total of 1060 prizes for all of australia for 3 months of sales.
    The first code I entered Instant winner of a phillips dcd/cd microsytem valued at $299, the second code instant winner phillips dogital photoframe valued at $449, the third code instant cash $100, the last code another phillips photoframe.
    So 4 codes and 4 prizes valued at $1300

    I find the odds are unbeleivable that we got 4 out of 4.
    I suppose as we give a ,lot out to the community, it can come back as well
    have a great day everyone

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