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this is the email cluff sent me this morning

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    This is the email cluff just sent me.Below it is the email I sent them.
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Whilst we see your point about the confusion, it would be imprudent (let alone inaccurate) to attempt to put any figure on the deal at present.
    The global gemstone market is a chaotic harbinger of supply and demand, which is very difficult to predict let alone guarantee, and it is simply too early in the process of proving up the overall potential of this Agreement to Cluff and CPH to place any values on it.
    Suffice to say we are pleased with the results to date, and are confident that our association with a company of the status of CPH will give us every possible chance for the project to succeed.
    The email I sent them

    Dear Sir,
    I have been reading many posts on stock forums regarding cfr.
    Most people are saying that they cannot put a value on the shares.
    The point is the market appears to want to know how much cfr could get from the rubies,how much cost of production is and what the 10% premium on that figure represents in value to cluff,how many rubies there is and what a conservative estimate of what it is worth overall and the potential of any of dividends.

    I think the company should announce in respect of these questions.
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