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this is nasty and should not have happened

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    I was perusing the Australian today and came across this. This is deeply disturbing and whoever is responsible for this should not have done it. This chat room is there for educational purposes and now it seems its turning into something else.

    Chat turns deadly

    ALL hell has broken loose in the internet chatrooms. You might recall the alias Gominer who is a great enthusiast of Quantum Energy on the Hot Copper site.

    Gominer, a surgeon's wife from Toorak no less, has been banned from the Hot Copper site and from another channel called MIRC after a nasty stoush with other correspondents.

    Gominer, or Warren, or Jason Smith, as she variously calls herself, has been very active in Ventracor and a bevvy of other volatile offerings and told us yesterday that she had received death threats and called in the police. Her correspondents have also notified the police, and ASIC.

    We've got a live one here.

    [email protected]

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