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    Ok--last year I was in and out up to 16cents and did well out of it ;while in the U K my opinion changed-talking to someone involved in the report saying it was only worth 20cents-who told me it may get to 16.5cents!!The political situation in my opinion is hanging by a thread and no matter how much whitefella money gets poured into the DRC ,with religious tensions around the world and strife in neighbouring countries around the world etc its a risky bet!!You cant say that you arent disapointed with its performance-because all the other holders I know are!I am just putting a perspective to the other posts-if you dont like it thats sad.Surely you would of thought the price would be higher by now----I bet Mining nut was a bit worried last week--come on whats going on here-----why is the price so low-political risk hmmmmm.I hope it moves north like you all but!!! Maybe after the wet season ends in March
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