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    The Microgenix air purification system has been tested at the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency at Porton Down in the United Kingdom where tests indicated that the system is 99.85% - 100% effective against simulated anthrax. Initial testing also indicates that the Microgenix technology may be highly effective against a range of airborne bacteria, viruses and moulds including:

    - Legionella (Legionnaire's Disease)
    - Aspergillus (Sick building syndrome)
    - Stachybotrys (Sick building syndrome)
    - Bacillus (Anthrax)
    - Staphylococcus aureus (Golden Staph)
    - Smallpox
    - Rhino viruses (common cold)
    - Enterovirus
    - Mycobacterium (Tuberculosis)
    - Influenza viruses
    - Streptococcus bacteria
    - Salmonella

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