this is golden-you knew shortage was a myth

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    old threads show that bulls knew (and were being told) that shortage was a myth but resisted ...

    why wouldn't you want to acknowledge the truth bulls?

    vested interests? that means that you are lying now as well...

    here is data from a post 10038 dated 06.01.2009:...............thats 2 YEARS ago

    "Key Findings:

    * 2,317 vacant properties in inner Melbourne.
    * 18,070 vacant properties in CityWest Water's client base of Greater Melbourne.
    * $1,044,967,000 worth of vacant property in the inner city.
    * If 44 of the 2,317 vacant properties were leased or sold per week it would take over a year to clear the backlog.
    * If this extra supply of housing was to hit the market the price of housing would become more affordable.
    * Government policies of all levels are critiqued and fall short on many levels."

    and a greeting form this 'drdan' saying:

    "he he he ! suffer in your jocks !!!" ..........LOL !

    (i like him already)
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